Caster is the first class of the Caster Type. Its three component Multiclass Classes are Prestidigitator, Thaumaturgist and Mystic.

A caster is anybody who uses rare, powerful, elemental bursts, whether fueled by the magic of the moons, technology, or some other mysterious source.

Caster(1): Initiative: 8 Requires Start

  • Magic: Casters can use Magic. Using magic can vary in description from activating a small gadget to waving one’s hands around yelling, “Booga booga!” A Caster gets five 1st level casts, three 2nd level casts and one 3rd level cast. A use of magic, or cast, can do anything you want it to do. However, the difficulty of the what you're trying to do as compared to the cast you are using for it determine the difficulty of casting it. This may also be affected by how much it falls within your area of expertise. Some effects may be impossible at a given level and some may not even need a check. The check to cast it is in addition to any other checks needed.
  • Spells: A Caster can use ritualized magic that can be found on the Spells page. These can each be used once within a time period that varies based on the ritual.

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