A Combatant is anyone whose training and purpose is combat, and that uses mundane armaments to triumph, even over magic.

Combatant(1): Initiative: 7 Requires Start

  • Stances: A Combatant can choose to be in Attack Stance, where your attack rolls get a bonus of 1 tenth of the highest number (aka 20, if the check was from 1 to 20) or Defense Stance, where your opponents' attack rolls take that as a penalty. You can only use 1 stance at a time.
  • Combat Experience: Your GM will factor this in, lowering slightly the difficulty of you hitting enemies and raising slightly the chance of you hitting them.
  • Reaction Attack: Once every 2 rounds, after you have been hit by an attack and nothing has happened afterwards yet, you may attack the last enemy to hit you, disregarding the normal turn cycle. You still get your turn as normal.
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