Rogue is the first class of the Rogue Type. Its three component Multiclass Classes are Backstabber, Sneaker and Trapper.

A rogue is any sort of diplomat, backstabber, thief, pirate, swashbuckler, or other underhanded specimen.

Rogue(1): Initiative: 9 Requires Start\

  • Skills: A rogue has skills that they can have at certain levels. These skills can be at Primary, Secondary, or Tertiary power, with Primary the best. Choose one skill from the following list to be Primary, two to be Secondary, and three to be Tertiary.

This skill allows you to move silently and without easy-to-notice movements.Also, it allows you to hide in one place. Camouflage or other such items or abilities may grant bonuses.
Sleight of Hand
This skill is pickpocketing, sleight of hand and other methods of small-scale stealing. May be hampered by the target noticing.
This allows you to disarm and/or create traps. You can only create small traps, and you need to have the materials.
This allows you to talk your way out of any situation, with varying difficulty. May be affected by relationship toward victim, and things said out before use of Silvertongue.
Sneak Attack
Use when attacking and the creatures you are attempting to attack do not know you’re there. If you make the Sneak Attack check and hit with the attack, you get the success margin of the sneak attack plus the success margin of the attack all times 1.5.
You can scale vertical surfaces and climb many other things much more easily than one untrained.

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