Transport is the first class of the Transport Type. Its three Multiclass Classes are Rider, Mount-Bonded and Escape Artist.

The transport is a class that uses vehicles and mounts. They can repair/heal and they can manuever easily. They could be horsemen, focused more on their steed then their sword. They could be a getaway driver, or motorcycle stuntman. They could be a mouse, riding a befriended kitten. They are the scouts, the train drivers, and the merchants of our world.

Transport(1): Initiative: 6, 12 in Primary Vehicle, 8 in other vehicle Requires Start

  • Vehicle Mastery: A Transport has one vehicle, whether living or machine, that they are completely specialized in. This is their Primary Vehicle. They get +2 to all rolls based on the vehicle while in their Primary Vehicle. They may suffer penalties from attempting to use other vehicles
  • Chase: A Transport is allowed to pull off crazy maneuvers with very high success rate. However, the result still determines how well they do it. Basically, the GM should let them do any of the crazy things pilots and riders do in movies, most of them needing about a 7 to succeed.

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