Auquila is a relatively small continent which is home to six nations. They are Rhinefield, Argona, Pryland, Karlea-Kan, Telsatar, and Hanner.

Periods of history:
Early period, approximately equivalent to the Middle Ages.
Middle period, approximately equivalent to the First and Second World War.
Late period, approximately equivalent to the modern day.
Space age, approximately 200 years later.

Rhinefield is a military oligarchy run by a group called the National Counsel. Throughout it's history the counsel has grown. But, by the Space age consisted of the First Field Marshal of the Armies, the Colonel-General of the Air Force, the First Fabricator General, the Admiral of the Navies, the Solar Admiral of the Orbital Navy, the Officer-General of the Justice department, and the Diplomat General. It occupies the most resource rich area on the continent and it's development is the most similar to that of our civilizations. It also has the largest, best equipped, and most well drilled standing armies on the continent. Its people are pragmatic in the extreme and are some of the best engineers around, though they are slightly lacking in the sciences. Everything in the county is run, in-part, by the government and everyone has at-least some military training. The government promotes solely based on merit and considers and considers giving promotions for any other reason a crime as bad as murder, because, indeed an incompetent officer is likely to get his men killed. People are paid based on how well they work and what work they do, not based on what they can get people to pay them.

Karlea-Kan is the smallest nation on the continent and is considered to have the greatest artists and musicians. Its position on the continent's icy north both protected it from invasion and bred a people who live like every moment might be there last. Its unusual climate was caused by a unique type of tree whose pollen decreases the tempature of the air around it. Due to its sparse population and dangerous climate, the other nations assumed it was uninhabited until around half way through the Late period.

Pryland is a nation built on the power of steam. It is the only nation on the continent with acces to the unique liquid Qualium.

Argona is a island nation home to the material Zervon. This material allowed for an strong navy and also allowed them to create the first air force of any nation on the continent.

Telsatar was home to the great scientist Carl ver Telsatar van Gauss, after whom the nation is named. In addition to being the driving force behind the founding of the nation, Telsa discoved how to harness electricity into a powerful weapon and a useful tool. He also made giant leaps in many fields of physics.

Hanner is a nation of machines. While inhabited partialy by the living most of its occupants are artificial constructs known as clockwork men. This nation is by far the most open to magic and uses it to power vast arry of automatons.

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